Great gift ideas for guys

Valentine’s Day is approaching or his birthday is knocking at the door and you don’t have any idea what to get him?

Max, my boyfriend, has agreed to share with us what he thinks would be great gifts for guys. Here are his thoughts:

Even if it seems difficult to make gifts to men, it’s not so hard, you just need to think a bit about what he likes. For example if he is into sports, you surprise him with an original t-shirt of his favorite team. Personally, I would be very pleased if I would have received the 2012-2013 Manchester United away kit, even if it is kind of pricey, 60.

You can take him a flag or a scarf if he goes to the games or if he’s passionate, inexpensive items, just around 6 , but you’ll earn many points for this gift.

If he is into photography you can get him something not very expensive, around 25 , like a tripod if he doesn't have one already. Or you can get him a filter for about 20 . You need to know his camera model and search for the accessories which are made for that model. You may spend some time more than for other presents, but with this gift you’ll make him really aware of how thoughtful you are.

If he is into clothes, Fred Perry and Zara are brands which are elegant and not super pricy. For example a Zara shirt is around 30 €, a Fred Perry t-shirt is also around 30 €, but if you are lucky you can get them a lot cheaper as we’re currently in the sale season. The options here are unlimited; you should know better what would look nice on him or what not. J

Every man should possess some accessories so if he doesn't have a watch or if his collection can be enriched you can give him one. You may think it’s hard to pick one, but here are some elegant choices which cost around 45 €.

Useful gifts? A laptop bag or a schoolbag! These items are not expensive and you don’t have to worry about sizes. A Fred Perry laptop bag is around 30 €, it is quite elegant and nice. Adidas’s Neo collection contains interesting schoolbags, not too sporty, at around 20 €.

A good gift idea is a perfume. Acqua di Gio from Armani, Paco from Paco Rabbane or Dune from Dior are excellent choices for men. All these are very manly and they persist very well. A perfume can be expensive but you’ll also benefit from him using it. J

Gadgets are also good gifts, the choices being unlimited, just think about what he needs or what he said he lacks (guys are always looking for some new technology). If he listens to music you can get him headphones, a gift he’ll surely appreciate. A great gift can be a phone support for about 15 €. 

These suggestions are not very expensive, some are quite cheap, but they are, at least from a guy's perspective, great gifts. 

What do you ladies think? I personally love the idea of a watch as a gift. Watches are great accessories and can really add a lot of elegance and style to an everyday look. 

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  1. A great gift for real manly men is getting him a customized cigar that has his name on it and he can enjoy after a nice long day of work.



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