Let’s raise our glass to these Ladies!

Today we are going to be grateful for all these wonderful women who understood what being a lady is really all about. These names are well familiar to us but do we really know what to be grateful for? 

 Coco Chanel. She revolutionized women’s fashion in the early 20th century by introducing a looser, more comfortable silhouette that freed women from their corsets and frills. She put it simple: “A dress isn't right unless the arm lifts easily… Elegance in clothes means freedom to move freely."  Chanel’s own look itself was as different and new as her creations. Instead of the usual pale-skinned, long-haired and full-bodied women preferred at the time, Chanel had a boyish figure, short cropped hair, and tanned skin. She had a distinct type of beauty that the world came to embrace. She is best known for inventing the “Little Black Dress”, the simple suits made of tweed or jersey and the Chanel No.5 (one bottle of Chanel No.5 is sold every 30 seconds). The official launch place and date of Chanel No. 5 was in her rue Cambon boutique (Paris) in the fifth month of the year, on the fifth day of the month: May 5, 1921. In the 1960s the glossy magazines, the high-fashion bibles such as Vogue and Bazaar, presented Chanel No. 5 as the required accessory to every woman’s femininity. No wonder that 40 years after her death, Chanel is still one of the world’s most popular luxury brands.

♥ Audrey Hepburn. Recognized as both a film and a fashion icon, Audrey is the clear image of grace, class, elegance and style. Fashion experts affirmed that Hepburn's longevity as a style icon results from her sticking with a look that suited her: "clean lines, simple yet bold accessories, minimalist palette." Some of the fashion lessons that we need to learn from Audrey Hepburn: find what looks good on you, think “elegant simplicity” when putting your look together, always appear graceful, even when relaxing.

  Miuccia Prada. Italian fashion designer (Prada, Miu Miu) and entrepreneur. What sets her apart is her disregard — in some cases, her open contempt — for the dictates of fashion. Whereas common sense says a designer should design what she likes, Prada will choose a color (such as turquoise) that she despises, because of the rush it gives her when she can make something beautiful with it. "She never follows anyone else's lead, just her own original energy. Her collections are completely an expression of herself. What I think we can learn from Miuccia Prada is how to challenge ourselves, how to follow our instincts and trust ourselves and our unique personalities.

   Tamara Mellon. She is the president of Jimmy Choo and one of the few women in the luxury shoe business. "As well as design and quality, I really work on the comfort of a heel," says Mellon. Every lady knows how a pair of high heels can make us feel in control. Even Cinderella knows a pair of shoes can change your life. Thank God someone also thought these heels should be made for walking, not crying in pain!

Anna Wintour

 Anna Wintour. The US Vogue editor. Runway shows don’t start until she arrives. To get a perfect idea of who she is, watch the movie “The Devil wears Prada”. The Wintour character played by Meryl Streep concluded chats with a clipped and faintly brusque, "That's all". No kind goodbye, no nothing. That’s just a glimpse of her personality. However, since taking over Vogue in 1988, she has guarded the magazine’s no.1 status among fashion publications and she has come to be regarded as one of the most powerful people in fashion, setting trends and discovering new designers. In a way, I think she is is one of those persons that inspire us not to settle for the average.  She is dedicated, she is ambitious, she is in control. Despite her personality, these qualities are essential for success.

What other names would you add to this list ladies?


  1. Intr-o buna zi o sa fie si Eva Longoria pe o astfel de lista :D

    1. Da, sunt atatea femei care influenteaza lumea, ar fi infinita lista. De la Eva putem lua exemplu cum sa fim optimiste si zambitoare mereu. E o luptatoare Eva!E mereu asa de vesela :D

    2. si doneaza o gramada, se ocupa de fundatii and stuff si nu isi face reclama pe chestia asta cum fac alte vedete. E o femeie si jumatate <3



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