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I have always been a bit obsessed, ok truly obsessed, with stuff about beauty, makeup, I could spend hours in Sephora and wouldn’t get bored. I am not exaggerating. BUT recently I discovered Youtube. But not that Youtube we all know, that we use for music or watching funny clips. Take a look at this one, by the way. It's hilarious.

I recently discovered a few “beauty gurus”. I used to not have the necessary patience to watch all those similar clips with “Favorite products of 2012” or “What I am wearing today”. I still don’t have this kind of patience, but I did discover one girl that I really like and she got me addicted. Now I want to buy so many beauty products that I would probably not finish them even 20 years from now. She is known on Youtube as missglamorazzi. While I love watching her clips, I have to make a commitment to myself before I go crazy and empty my wallet. I was the type of girl who would buy makeup for example just because I liked that particular product at first sight, without reading reviews first to figure out if it is indeed a good product or it is just appealing at the beginning. As you probably already guessed, I would then use that product and sometimes realize I didn't always make a smart choice.

So from now on, I will stop buying several almost identical beauty products and only buy what I know I truly want and need. That means, no more several blushes, all average quality. One or 2 high end blushes are enough.

I actually already started putting my plan into application about 2 months ago and it works perfectly. I feel more satisfied with my collection of makeup and beauty stuff now, because I got to finish some of the products and bought new ones that I really wanted. I realized quality is way more important than diversity. I am not saying that some drugstore products can’t be good. I don’t think I will ever switch my Maybelline mascara with a high end one. I just don’t think it’s worth it as long as I get so good results with a much cheaper version. Here’s when reviews or Youtube can be helpful. These girls on Youtube, they get to try so many products, they have a better idea what is good and what is average. Personally, since I started reading more about a product before buying it, I didn’t get to be disappointed so far. Of course, you also need to know what truly fits you, because a face cream could be perfectly suitable for someone and less suitable for someone else.

Besides, when it comes to skincare, I believe it is important to invest more, without regrets. Your face will thank you in a few years.  Like I mentioned before, I will probably never spend too much money on a mascara, but a good eye cream is a must have. 

I really want to hear your thoughts now. Do you resist the temptation of not buying something that you think you need really badly at that moment? Are you a careful buyer or more of a spontaneous type of gal?:)

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