Have a relaxing weekend.

The weekend is finally here so here are some funny links for you to enjoy!

If you have 6 minutes and you're in the mood for a romantic short comedy, watch Paperman, Disney's Best Nominated Short at the Oscars.

The funniest birthday candles.

How to look like a Dane

How to: FEATHER Nails

Recipe for Apple Crumble

Valentine's Day is coming, here are some gift ideas for your guy ♥

12 tips to drink 8 cups a day; of water, of course :)

Pretty hair bow. So ladylike!

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About me

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I am Luiza, a student in her twenties living in Aarhus (Denmark). Besides blogging, I love to travel, shop, laugh and watch TV series.

Founded in 2012, Ladylike is a blog that covers lifestyle, fashion, travel, healthy eating and relationships. The idea for this blog came when I realized I would love to have my own personal space where I could share my thoughts and experiences with other enthusiastic girls who are preocuppied by their looks and health. The blog is called Ladylike because I love being feminine. What can I say more?

Thank God I am a woman!

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