Brushes vs Fingers

What is your choice? I thought I would share with you this article from Vogue where some make-up PROS reveal what they prefer.

brushes vs fingers

I will start with those who prefer brushes:

 "Unlike fingers, brushes will place and distribute cream-based products evenly, so that they don't sit in any pores. There are so many amazing brushes out there, why would you not use them?" (Sharon Dowsett, Maybelline's UK director of make-up).

 "The dexterity, blending and precision you can achieve with a brush is an instant translation of prints and textures I have in my mind. (Alex Box, make-up artist and creative director of Illamasqua make-up).

 "There's nothing that can replace the precision work a brush allows all over the face." (Gucci Westman, global artistic director for Revlon).

And my favorite one:

 "I love working with brushes because I like to buff, blend and really work the product in. "Painting a face is like painting a canvas and great tools get you fantastic results. (Valgarland, backstage at Antonio Berardi)

Now moving on to the fingers side:

 "There's just something about melting product into the skin with the fingers, as opposed to layering it on with brushes which somehow feels cakey and unsexy." (Hannah Murray, creative director of Topshop make-up).

 "The heat of your fingers helps smooth on the product with speed and little effort. Lip brushes in particular are something of the past. Lipstick applied directly from the bullet is the way to go. (Mary Greenwell, Chanel make-up artist).

 "Nothing beats the final hands-on touch. It is the only way to feel how much product is actually on the skin." (Kay Montano, session and studio make-up artist).

 "I like using the pads of hands to bask make-up on to cheekbones; it means that there will be no visible stripes of application." (Andrew Gallimore, UK make-up ambassador for Dior).

Which team are you on? Brushes or fingers?

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