I am not buying magazines anymore

I used to be a big fan of magazines when I was younger, Cosmopolitan being my favorite. I had no idea youtube tutorials and beauty blogs existed, so at that time magazines were a decent source of information. However, I slowly started to get bored of them and with reason.

1. First of all, the articles kept repeating themselves and they were very superficially written. For example, by the time the summer season arrived, there were tons of articles explaining how to get that dream body in a matter of weeks. Right, as if that would be all it takes, a couple of weeks and a juicer. :)

2. A lot of ads. More than half of the magazine is full of advertisement. 

3. Many magazine articles focus on what changes to make in order to make a guy like you. There was always something along the lines, if you want a guy to notice you, wear red and a cleavage. How about being yourself, a charming and confident woman? 

4. Magazines do not promote originality. It's all about trends and must haves.  

5. Magazines are constantly promoting expensive beauty products and they make you believe it will do miracles for you and you can't sleep at night without them.

6. Many of the articles are simply not applicable in every day life. There is no real useful information in them, things that you would remember 10 minutes after finishing reading the magazine. Of course there are some exceptions, but in the majority of cases, the articles are not well researched and they do not contain in depth information. 

7. Photoshop. I am not necessarily against Photoshop, however I am against too much Photoshop. 

What do you think about magazines?

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